Resource Planning

Games Pro Scouts will assist you with the strategic alignment of your company's current team. By identifying the gap between your current team's skillset and your future needs, Games Pro Scouts will help implement solutions that will allow you to achieve your goals and objectives with a well balanced team.

Staff Budgeting

Games Pro Scouts will help you determine and outline your overall staffing budget. For companies in the creative and industries, people are the #1 asset. This translates into staffing budgets being one of the largest expenses for these organizations.

Games Pro Scouts will assist you in setting up or managing an appropriate staff budget to help better ensure you are spending efficiently.

Compensation Modeling

Not sure what the market and industry are paying?

Games Pro Scouts are experts in market and industry compensation modeling.

Games Pro Scouts will help you build offers that land the best candidates, while remaining conscious of your company's abilities.

Development Consulting

Whether it's game development consulting, or project quality testing, we can help you push your goals forward to success. We can perform an evaluation of current practices and tools to help ensure you and your team are working as effectively and efficiency as possible.

Project Hiring Plan

Ramping up for a project can be challenging. Games Pro Scouts will help you build a hiring strategy for each role to get you ramped up by your target dates, so your project can land on time.